1. I dont like using bad language ,but the SAHRC is staffed by pricks, the actual racists in SA such as J Malema and millions more like him are given a free pass while those just trying to protect themselves are slandered as being racists ,probably simply because they arn’t black.

  2. Desperately seeking professionally victims of “racially “motivated actions. If they don’t find any – they are out of a cushy job. If the house of this brainwashed idiot would be invaded and destroyed by a certain race group would he not guard his next house against possible perpetrators of the same kind ? Only a utter moron would not draw conclusions and deny the existence of mathematical probabilities.
    I wonder what security measures they have in place at the office where he works ?

  3. Oh dear me.
    The mentality of this so-called learned person is beyond my understanding. He is however very much part of the ANC Government and well paid by them. Onbly his shoes stick out of their rear ends!

  4. Hi Scott.

    You’ve been told numerous times, it’s not enca it’s E N C A. Please get it right.

  5. but look at his surname his family is from a certain church,, no wonder he talks like that,,, the traitor,,

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