1. lazy thief anc voter ,wants his first world life style .well 27 years later the bafoons must be smelling the poo pit life of the great terrorist plan.

  2. Probably means they will have to steal even more to make up the shortfall…🤨🤨🤨

  3. @ jaco hunter:
    Why was SA wealthy when the ANC took power? Because white people got up every day at 7am or earlier and worked hard to create a 1st world country, but the black voters just assumed that upon getting power they would be in clover, but their lack of ability to apply themselves, business savvy,work ethic and basic honesty has created a 3rd world nation.

  4. Shane Pengelly. yes the good old terrorist camp heroes of the nation are nothing but serial killers and have looted a nation. . my families worked all their lives building s a . my mother paid half her earnings in tax for decades. no one listened when we left s a 20 years ago. said we were doing the chicken run like family who left Bulawayo 1978. one of the worst things is working all your life and having a old pensioner life in hell on earth . any of you have family or old friends out of s a . just go on holiday there and never go back to s a .

  5. @ penny sparrow:
    Yes its what they do. Unfortunately its a culture. life to short to hang around .


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