1. Cry,cry the beloved country, you can say that again Alan Paton, since black govt came in 94, SAs gone down the slippery slope.

  2. So we learn the full meaning of the word heathen. Desecration of bodies at government hospitals for cannibalistic muti takes the cake. But according to some fake souls it’s far worse to be racist.

  3. white people who believe that the ANC is going to be toppled is living in an ice popsicle world—– why will the ancestral believers all of a sudden now change their voting mentality and believe in the white men,, for 100 years they’ve been oppressed so ???? and there’s too many ignorant white people who do not believe in voting if every white person went to vote I would say yes then things could change,,, i predict now already that the ANC will still stay in power by at least 54 % majority because so many black people are saying they not going to go vote,,,

  4. No ANC run municipality is operating effectively. Service delivery is non-existent. Only filling their own pockets with the rates and taxes paid by thousands of people. Totally unacceptable. No discipline whatsoever unfortunately.

  5. they are incapable , they lack ability , they cant run a country , no where in the world have a black government succeeded ,

  6. Helen Zille has encouraged voters to not to split the vote but vote for the DA otherwise the EFF will become the opposition party in many municipal councils. However, the DA is following the route of the ANC. The 800% hike in water usage in Cape Town has never been reduced despite good rains and rise in dam levels. Unlike in the past my vote would to an alternative party. I would rather see coalitions instead of majority parties in the municipal council. Never voted for the ANC. No more vote for the DA. Looking forward to Spectrum , ActionSA, Cope or even Freedom Front+ in my ward.

  7. In the W.C. the people are not comfy with the D.A.’s ‘for ever’ price increases, dirty dams, sea and vlei’s due to spillage and their attitude to peaceful rally’s. Some want to de register with the IEC, some do not want to vote, others want to spoil their votes and others will votes for or against the DA. What a mess

  8. What about a thought for Neil De beer UIM . I have been following Neil for a few months and he certainly is a breath of fresh air when it comes to seeing how he operates.

  9. @ ashley marks:
    You didn’t pull any punches with your comment, but its time be blunt, SA and Zim have been totally trashed because of black govt, yes they are marxists as well but the main factor has to be racial, look at the equation White Govts = prosperity Black govts= economic collapse.

  10. @ MikeB:
    The DA have gone stupid. HZ lied in an interview saying that they had dropped the water surcharge, they have made stupid decisions based on fear-mongering. They treat their rate-payers like criminals if they cannot afford their rate hikes, and about 99 other things that I know of personally. They think all they have to do is spend more money on marketing. I will NEVER support these idiots again!


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