1. as much as I hate this fear-mongering about everything–this topic all goes about the Bible-Revelation, we can’t do anything about it, as these upper people are all so closed organisation thy do what they want to,, these rich people are planning it all and do u want to tell me they are going to starve–no no,, look at Mugabe,, while his people were dying and starving he never went hungry,, they see to it to have food,, look how fat and overweight 99% of the African leaders are,
    yes starvation is a reality-buts its always been there, even in the bible times people were begging for food, we could never and never will stop this starvation story,
    I’ve seen so many programs about why even in the Nile delta- which is rich in natural nutrients –that why its possible why whole cities or villages got lost-was because of a famine, even Inca cities suffered same fate,

  2. It is time for the great reset….but not the one from Schwab and the New World Order. The peoples great reset!!!!!!


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