1. Would’ve loved to listen to the message but was unable to open it.

  2. His grace is sufficient for us.
    How much more grace should we have for one another when we make a mistake.
    When we falter, our Heavenly Father does not banish us from His presence but forgives us and invites us with loving open arms to fellowship with Him.
    Shouldn’t we show the same love to one another?
    We can only be forgiven if we truly forgive one another. That in itself is a miracle!
    Thank you, pastor Dan.🙏

  3. It was walking then stopped. Will come back later when it fixed. Thank you Scott andPaster Dan.

  4. @ Marlena de Villiers:
    Thank you Marlena
    All good…always lovely to listen to Dan’s sermons.
    I love the songs he puts up.

  5. @ Marlena de Villiers:
    Do you only have one email address?
    I would love to share something personal with you.

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