1. i read on Google news the following ====
    The Central Methodist Mission in Greenmarket Square has raised a yellow banner on its steeple encouraging vaccinations.
    Reverend Alan Storey says are some who promote the false binary of “faith in God or faith in vaccines”, asserting that inoculation is at odds with their religious faith.
    According to the most recent statistics released by the NICD, a total of 21 924 915 vaccine doses have been administered so far.
    Refusing to take life-saving vaccines is a sign of foolishness, not faithfulness, a Cape Town church has argued as it raised a yellow banner on the steeple of the Central Methodist Mission in Greenmarket Square, encouraging people to get vaccinated.

    The hand-painted banner, which reads “The blood of Jesus will not save you from Covid. Get vaccinated. Protect our health care workers”, is part of the church’s endeavour to engage the public on topical issues “from a gospel perspective”.

    In the past, the church has protested against the persecution of people based on sexual orientation, as well as xenophobia, through the use of this “billboard” on its towering Gothic steeple in the city centre, to “provoke questions and reflection”.

    “Every single major religion encourages people to get vaccinated,” said Reverend Alan Storey.

    Since the start of the rollout, the church had encouraged inoculation, he said, and had also lent its voice to appeals for richer countries not to hoard their supplies.

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    “Vaccination is safe and effective. It has been proven over and over that vaccination reduces infection, hospitalisation and death.”

    Storey said:

    Vaccines are therefore to be celebrated as a gift from God that saves lives. Indeed, vaccination is one the greatest public health achievements in history.

    According to the most recent statistics released by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), a total of 21 924 915 vaccine doses have been administered. Of those, 191 264 were administered in the last 24-hour reporting cycle. To date, 14 991 375 people are fully vaccinated.

    The country last month officially exited the third wave of the pandemic. On Wednesday, 472 new confirmed Covid-19 infections were reported, as well as 62 fatalities, bringing the confirmed death toll to 89 049.

    Government has urged those who have not yet got the jab to do so ahead of the festive season.

    I cant believe Dan is also in the methodist church,, the 2 different worlds

  2. @anthonygermany. My friend, although I am a fully ordained minister of the Methodist Church, I have long ago rejected what they have become. If you go back into the archives of Loving Life you may still find my live chat with Scott about nearly two years ago, wherein I discuss my experiences in the ministry. I know the Storie’s, and Alan is just as liberal and weak as his Father Peter was or is. They tow the party line and are regarded heroes of the Church. Peter was a great hero in his stance against Apartheid, yet has never said a thing regarding BEE and Affirmative action.
    Having said that anthony, there are still some ministers in the Church who are committed men of God, who chose to stay and still promote the truth, they are a small minority, but God in his grace always keeps a remnant alive to guide with His love and patience.
    God bless you my friend

  3. Anthonygermany, sorry my friend I also wanted to say this, I do not believe that the vaccine is a gift from God. In my experience when God gives us a gift then it is perfect in every respect. If this vaccine was from God, then you would never get covid again, there would be no threat of blood clotting or danger of myocarditis, no this vaccine is a gift from Satan and his woke liberal philosophy (which by the way is also a lie, there is nothing woke or liberal about Satan, he is a dictator in the true sense of the word) he just offers it(for he masquerades as an angel of light) as an apparent philosophy to the idiots who subscribe to it, in the mistaken belief that it shows how tolerant and loving they are. The liberals that I know are the most closed minded people that you can imagine,(the Alan’s and Peter’s come to mind) and in fact have no tolerance for anyone who does not follow their philosophy.

  4. Hi Dan Berriman, at which Methodist church are you based? Are you in Cape Town?

  5. @anja murray, not in any church at present, I am 75 and retired, the only connection that I have with the Methodist Church is my monthly pension, or tip, since they took a lot of money out of the pension fund and spent it on rubbish. A door on the chapel of their training school in Pietermaritzburg apparantly cost over a million Rand.

  6. Dear Dan, thank you so much for your message today, I am a child of god and covered by the blood of Christ.

  7. @Dan Berriman, thank you for the inspiring message. I was thinking that if you are based in Cape Town, I would have liked to attend your sermons – hence my previous question! It’s sad how dead the traditional churches have become….

  8. @Liz, I know you are, I read your beautiful prayer on one of my legs, which revealed the depth of your love for our precious Savior, God bless you for all of your support over the years, it is out of respect and love for brothers and sisters like you, that makes this task of preaching a little easier.
    @anja, thank you for your words of encouragement, I would have loved to have you in one of my congregations. Yes it is sad that so many of the traditional churches have become lukewarm, but as time progresses we see the words of our Lord coming true, that there will be a great falling away. Just pray for one another that this may not happen to us, because we are all so frail and weak. please pray for me.


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