1. WOW cannot wait, this will be very interesting……lets see who has the best prediction skills (or luck) 😎

  2. @ Mark F:

    I joined and also sent you an E-Mail.

    You’ll see me as grootblousmile on the list.

    I am an OLLLLLLDDD SuperBru player and have been Pool Captain in excess of 75 Competitions already… just over 4 500 Caps, I think… something like 106 Tournaments and over 410 Pools! Joined up to SuperBru in 2007 already and have earned 118 Certificates of performance already!


  3. There you are Rudi, you did not have too bad picks, looks good – very close to mine 🙂

  4. @ Mark F:

    I’m just now learning rugby, but I’ve been a Boks fan as far back as I can remember. My Aussie mate also likes the Boks. Maybe you good folks in the RSA can help my education. Cheers.

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