1. People like Susan are gold, and yet shes basically forced out of the country by the clueless racists of the ANC. SA aint like Zim because there are still 4.5 whites left, keeping the economy going and if the blacks force them out are the blacks going to be capable of running companies profitably and employing large nos of workers ? for the amswer to that, look at Zimbwabwe and other african nations.

  2. Is this the country that my forefathers fought for?

    This is my home – where do I RUN TO?


    My brood-blik is leeg, my hart is seer, ek is gedaan gesukkel,
    Duisende wit kruise op ‘n bult vertel die storie van pyn en verdriet
    Plase lê geplunder en ploeë lê verroes en skure is leeg,
    Jong mense vlug land uit op soek na nuwe heenkome en weivelde
    Ouers sit vervalle en verslae en moedeloos voor ‘n sink geboudjie
    Iewers in ‘n vergete plakkers kamp sonder hoop en geloof
    Honger kindertjies krap op die rommel en ashope
    Ou mense lê vergete in eensaamheid in donker kamertjies
    Christene het handoek ingegooi en moed opgegee om siele te wen
    Barmhartige Sameritane word vervloek en op getrap en weggejaag
    Skole is daar ook nie meer nie, dit word ook verwoes en verbrand
    Winkel-rakke is leeg geplunder, kos is daar nie meer nie,
    GOD sien alles en sien die wat moor en plunder
    Ook sien God die nuttelose regering wat nie regeer nie,
    Nog ‘n Bloedrivier is nie die antwoord nie
    Waar sal dan ons hulp vandaan kom?
    Ons hulp is net van die Here God af
    Wees geduldig landgenote en Boere vriende, GOD slaap nie
    HY sal die oorwinning bring en geregtigheid laat geskiet
    Vervloek niemand nie sodat jy nie ‘n vervloeking word nie
    Vertrou op jou Skepper wat hemel en aarde gemaak het.
    SY oorwinning is blywend en vas
    Ons Nuwe Aarde en Hemel kom.
    Sorg dat jy genoeg olie in jou lamp het.
    Vat my hand, dierbare Vader , Hou my vas.
    Die stryd is nognie verby nie

    Shalom en Maranata


  3. Yes, the white people, from outside our borders, are to blame for what is happening because they gave the children the matches to play with and now the house is on fire.

  4. but were are any white’s faces.. I hate it when white people go and want to help only black people,,, i don’t care what others say,, there are many white people out there not having education,,

  5. @ anthonygermany:
    100% Correct. Just go and check the white squatter camp.
    They all need help in one way or another.
    School books don’t fall from the sky.
    Teachers don’t fall from the sky.
    Food doesn’t fall from the sky (not that it is impossible for God)

  6. @ Edward Barlow:
    Why blame everything on the white people?
    What is wrong with you?
    You indirectly say that white people are stupid and do stupid things and have stupid children.
    More than that, now you blame the children also.
    Maybe I am missing the point here about what you really want to say.

  7. I struggle to respect these libs who do nothing but uplift those who want us dead. Now she has deserted SA when there are so many of her own people that need that same uplifting. I remember a white woman who also devoted her life to uplifting the heathen but what’s more, she was the one who wrote the letters to overseas governments and corporations to raise sanctions against SA which resulted in the murder of over half a million of my people and the destruction of our economy. The Bible mentions the drunk woman whose teeth are red with the blood of man. Meaning that through her words, many of her people shall die. I believe Father was telling us about this same woman.

  8. Yes I agree it is hard to have sympathy for the white, liberal, virtue signalers when they get the stab in the back from the black recipients of their help…Meanwhile they wouldn’t spend a penny or a minute helping some poor white kid stuck in a squatters camp. Poor kid wasn’t even born when their world was being formulated, yet cannot get any help since these liberals are too busy patting themselves on the back for assisting black people.

  9. We don’t learn from history; from people like Dr Albert Schweizer and Karl Friedrich Gauss, do we?

  10. This story did not have the perfect ending it deserved as it allowed this woman and her daughter to escape to a first world country…the perfect ending would have been for both of them to be trapped in a white squatters camp unable to escape the fate so many of their white counterparts have to endure…the very same poor whites she overlooked for years while they were starving and being ignored by her and her ilk…Yet she still doesn’t get it as she continues trying to virtue signal how she helped so many poor black people and yet still got the boot from her own company…🙄🙄🙄


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