1. but why are people going to have themselves even tested,, I’ve never had myself tested yet even when feeling flu-like sysmtoms

  2. What happens when you mix the flu with the placebo effect? …..Covid…ding dong.

  3. This is so satanic and unlawful. They’re pushing it to make more money and depopulate the wold. it’s absolutely demonic and disgusting.

  4. Radiation illness and covid symptoms are the same…so all they do, select areas and radiate the people and you get more cases and then they do more tests there and you get statistics to scare more people to take the jab. Next week they do it in Australia the same way….They are playing with us like a ping pong ball game. Or they say it is the Norovirus with the same symptoms and they use it for crowd control. Who would venture out to protest with a ‘funny’ stomach???

  5. anthonygermany wrote:

    but why are people going to have themselves even tested,, I’ve never had myself tested yet even when feeling flu-like sysmtoms

    You are wise not to. I haven’t been tested either, I refuse to. I will not be jabed with that bio chemical rubish. My body is mine and mine alone, the way God has given it to me. Nobody is going to change MY DNA.

  6. The first shot is the promotional shot as to make other believe it is safe….because nothing happens to most of them….so more take the shot also and the jabbers know those that have taken it will come for the second one then, and then they are kept on hold for the next plan. Maybe three years later the real reason is triggered by plan. Maybe they even have a bit of heroin in it as to make you totally dependent on it and you just want more and more and more and more shots till the end of time.Why was the see eye a, so involved in drug trafficking in Afghanistan?. They were stocking up for the final ‘download’………………

  7. Just get vaxxed they say, just shut up i say, shut up you stupid useless pieces of s..t because im sick of listening to your lies and nonsensical bleating about some so called pandemic that was so serious, that the global annual death rate in 2020 actually dropped. And the christian church and their pastors ,99 % of them, are going along with all this bs, and that just shows that they{ pastors} are total conmen ,because how can they shepherd their congregations when they dont even personally know the God of Heaven.

  8. And with saying that I have lost all my respect for Scott Morrison. The fact he goes along with this whole agenda of promoting the vaccine through MSM is absolutely ridiculous!
    As prime minister of Australia and as a christian he should know better. But low and behold he is being led by his nose, just like all the other world leaders.
    I just hope that he will soon realize his mistake, before more people follow suit.
    He is going to have the blood of millions on his hands and God is going to hold him accountable for every single one of them.

  9. ” Everytime you leave home , please assume that you have the virus ” . So what about nurses who go to work everyday and return to their families and kids who go to work and school. Why are those nurses not in permanent quarantine ? , not to mention all hospital staff ? Its a load of crap . Europe has ended ALL requirements and most of Africa as well as the Central American mainland from Mexico down to Panama.
    What a load of death and destruction they have sown , not to mention the suicides.
    I hope they are charged and executed .

  10. Wow. No one wont the shot. And they say don’t talk to people at all. What are they going to do next. Come to your home and make you take it.

  11. The Boer People will under no circumstances take this evil Covid vaccine, that changes ń persons DNA, Our DNA was and is from the true living God of Heaven and Earth, and no evil entity will change that.


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