1. happy birthday Rudi,,, may God bless you and keep you and His hand of protection over you

  2. Yes Rudi i battle to open these video,, i must click on the unformated version to watch it,,I’ve tried everything,,,

  3. Media error. Format not supported
    Source not found. Cannot open it. Please help

  4. Hi Folks,

    Please reload the video Page, sometimes on certain Browsers, due to the build-up of CACHE MEMORY on YOUR Browser the page would not load fully. A reload often (in most cases) would load the Page better and fully and the video will play.

    I have tested the video, it plays and it is in the correct format to play!

    Rudi geldenhuys

  5. Baie dankie vir die video asook al die ander van vroeer die week, ek kon almal oopmaak en kyk, ek gaan beslis hierdie een met ander mense deel. My man het Junie maand Covid gehad, moontlik die Delta variant, was opgeneem in hospitaal met covid pneomonia, hy wil hom binnekort laat ent het darm teen Pfizer besluit wil Johnsons vat, ek probeer hom nog oorreed om glad nie te ent nie, hy is 62. Hierdie video gaan baie help.
    Groetnis vanuit S.A, Pretoria

  6. Man, the chickens are coming home to roost…

    How many more absolutely qualified people like Dr Peter McCullough is it going to take for the world to wake up to this sham and the dangers of the so-called vaccines???

    Interesting that he says the USA public is about 50% vaccinated and the other half wants nothing to do with getting vaccines!!

    The world population is starting to push back, and the wave of pushing back is gaining momentum!

    Are’nt we lucky in South Africa that only 15% or so has been vaccinated!!

    The months to come is going to be incredibly important to resist getting vaccinated, to fight every, every effort against forced or mandated vaccinations…

    There is going to be a slew of underhanded / illicit / criminal making and issuing false vaccination Certificates, and I will tell you what, with my IT knowledge they will make me into a criminal as well, because I would rather falsify a Vax Certificate than take the jab!

    I certainly hope reason and common sense and science triumphs over this global force which seeks to destroy the world as we know it.

    I hope freedom and liberty and human rights triumph over this demonic global force which seeks to scurge humanity!!

    I hope in years to come, the guilty are held to book, prosecuted (even persecuted), locked away forever.

    The human tragedy we are living through is the biggest assault on humanity and sanity ever!!

    Last night I spoke to my sister, 4 years older than me, and she was never known for being the brightest one in the family, but she has grown so immensely in my estimation by also, quite independently, having read and watched widely and taking the stance against the vaccination!! Well done sussie, you are a star! This despite the fact that her children are pestering her to get vaxxed!

    Wherever I go, I spread the word about the dangers of getting the jab and luckily I have reached and convinced many already, but my own younger brother did not heed the info, the call and chose to be vaxxed.

    In years to come, we are going to live to see these people dear to us fall and die… we are going to see terrible things…

    Is’nt it strange how those vaxxed parade their vax-certificates and turn into animals who blame us, the unvaxxed, for being stupid or disrespectful… and worse when they start blaming the continuance of Covid on us, the unvaxxed! Personally I have seriously cut ties with every vaxxed fucktard, previous friend or school buddie who parade their vaxx status around… there is nothing I can or want to do for or with them!!

    But, the vaccine-drive is but one peril we face, the larger peril we face on a day to day basis is the WORLD CONTROL over our daily lives, which is getting more severe by the day… and the sheeple fall for it, like sheep to the slaughter!


    RISE UP and make your voices heard, there is no other way we can gain critical mass and stop the madness! You can no longer sit on your arse and do nothing!!

  7. Definitely one of the better live streams. To the point, this doctor could actually explain what is happening in terms we could all understand.
    Thank you

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