1. You just gotto laugh. When karma bites you on the ass. You will know it, you damn sure will feel it too!!!
    And exactly what they deserve!
    Play with fire and you will get charred.
    Time to take back our present, past and future!!!
    We can do it!!!

  2. Karma is needed in parliament as well amongst the real looters of the country.

  3. Maybe every looter should be forced to do this crawling naked around as punishment…🙄🙄🙄

  4. It’s heart warming to see strong people who, through all we’ve been through, draw closer to our Father.

  5. @ usmom750:

    Crawling around naked is not punishment for them. It’s their culture to walk around naked as initiation.
    They don’t know shame. They have sex whenever and WHEREVER they choose.

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