1. This guy is pure evil !! He has no clue what he is talking about…trying to justify their murder on my ancestors !!! Not only have they murdered our people , but also Irish people an black African people . I read on another channel ( Canadian Girl ), that Irish people were captured and sold as slaves , later on they came for black Africans too . The poor Irish women were forced to have babies with the black men ” to better the slaves and pushing prices per slave “. Babies were taken away from the mothers to be raised as slaves . Why does these people do this ? Are they all psychopathic serial killers or what ???? Why is the world allowing them to do these evil deeds ? Black slaves generated more money than white slaves , that might explain why my ancestors were murdered instead of being sold as slaves

  2. All because a quarter million piss willy pommys could not defeat thirty two thousand boers. My ouma was in one of those camps as a child. She survived but had emotional scars for the rest of her ninety three years.

  3. Both of my grandfathers fought against one another in the Anglo-Boer war. My Boer grandfather and his brother were captured at Paardeberg after Genl Cronje surrendered to the British. According to Rudie Rousseau Genl Cronje was ‘n “verraaier”. That is bullshit! Just as Breaker Morant (an Austrailan) was following orders, so were both of my grandfathers following orders. Lord Kitchener was a mass murderer of the Boer women. Breaker Morant followed orders of Lord Kitchener not to take any Boer men as prisoners but to shoot them on the spot for breaking curfew rules. Breaker Morant and his two colleagues were tried and sentenced to death for following orders that Lord Kitchener denied giving. The sentence of one them was commuted to imprisonment. But Breaker Morant and his other colleague were shot and killed before a firing squad. Lord Kitchener was never prosecuted but died at sea some years later (hopefully exterminated).

  4. I remember my Grandma saying to me l asked her what did they do to the blacks she came back with a answer l was shocked by she said they where when l was a kid but the Irish she said l just
    Felt so sorry for them she told me they could not go in to stores and live really poor with out jobs she even cried a little that’s when l learned of white slaves here in America .. Later on on life l read books but no one knows about it the Irish went throw hell in back. And now the evil is in control of the world. I just hope and pray Russia keeps going l just won’t it over with. Amen.

  5. And now that fat sack of dung BoZo Johnson is trying to do the same thing to the Ukrainians and Russians by stoking a war that should have ended weeks ago.

  6. He probably believes every word he spews!… Defending concentration camps, a scorched earth policy, destruction of crops, the slaughter of sheep and cattle then left to rot in the veld. Not to mention the dynamiting of homesteads and buildings… All for their own good… What a smug ass!

    The main instigators behind the Boer war were the three Rothschild brothers (Scroll down to see the complimentary card issued with Christmas hampers) http://reclaimingrhodesia.com/boer-war/
    Isn’t it amazing that when Jews planned the internment, and genocide of South African farmers, all was well. Yet, when Adolf pulled the same stunt we haven’t heard the end of it. What goes ‘round, comes ‘round as far as I’m concerned.

    J A Hobson’s ‘The War in South Africa’ revealed the true source of this incitement to war – the powerful Zionist lobby in South Africa which he termed ‘the Jew-Imperialists’.

    Boer POW’s were interned across the globe… India, Ceylon, St. Helena & Bermuda. Many died and still lie buried in these countries.

    Ironically, most war memorials in Australia honouring their fallen during the Boer War, incorrectly refer to the conflict as the ‘South African’ war… Obviously, to deflect complicity of their part in the genocide of ZAR farmers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_African_War_Memorial,_Brisbane#/media/File:South_African_War_Memorial,_Brisbane,_Queensland,_2020,_01.jpg

  7. The young woman makes a wild claim that hundreds of thousands were murdered in the British concentration camps during the Boer war, she obviously hadn’t bothered to do any research because the truth is that 28 thousand died in the camps. But the English Govts decision to annex the Transvaal and the Orange Free State was totally wrong in my opinion, the war conducted against the Boers by the British Empire was apparently engineered by the Rothchilds in order to grab the diamond riches.

  8. Shane, The latest number since the advent of computers is 34000 dead in SA concentration camps: https://military-history.fandom.com/wiki/British_war_crimes#cite_note-9
    Mike Smith reported on this many years ago and provided some excellent links.
    I have always had a strong interest in the Boer War… and especially close to my heart was Magrietha Swart whose memorial in Standerton was visible to all who frequented the Vaal River entertainment facility.
    I have always wondered how any person could survive mentally after losing 8 children within a period of one month: https://graves-at-eggsa.org/main.php?g2_itemId=2920710
    The memorial was moved to the local cemetery about 5 years ago as it was being vandalised by ‘new’ South Africans. I also read that her and her husband went on to raise a family after the war ended. They farmed in the Morgenson district.
    Btw, I also downloaded the 8 death certificates of the children which forms part of my research. It is probably due to the online filing system that has contributed to the latest number.

  9. The Boers were fighting against the British mercenaries brought to SA by the Rothschilds to capture our gold. From what I’ve read in some articles is that some of the soldiers were promised land, money and gold for their services against the Boers. Today’s international corporate yet illegal taxation offices/empire (The Securities act of 1933) was built on their wast gold supplies (+- 55 thousand tons) which they’ve stolen from other countries including SA.

  10. I think this Pommie politician used to be General Kitchener’s boot polisher or arse licker or both. Excuse the language please.

  11. My forebears were hugely fortunate during the 2nd Anglo Boer War…

    They saw what was going to happen, in advance, and all the women and children, the farm workers and all the live stock travelled via wagons from their farms in the Free State to the Lesotho border and just crossed over the Tugela river into Lesotho near Clarens. These families included the De Wet’s, Viljoen’s, Geldenhuys and some other families. There they set up a permanent camp in the caves and overhangs of those beautiful sandstone mountains.

    My grandmother on my father’s side, Deborah Viljoen was born in a cave (Holkrans) there in 1902.

    After the war they all returned, mostly unschathed, back to the Free State, where their farm houses were burnt down, but at least all the women, children, farm workers and all their live stock was safe and saved… so much so that they easily prospered after the war again.

    Whilst the families were all safe, all the men were able to fight on Boer side during the war and although a few were captured and sent to St Helena Island they were mostly able to fight to the last, heck some even escaped from St Helena Island to rejoin the Boer fighting forces.

    That said, not many were that lucky and the families suffered terribly in the Concentration Camps… 34 000 women and children perished.

    What is often forgotten is that the South African Black population also suffered tremendously and there were Concentration Camps for them too.

    My Cousin, Laurette, is married to Fransjohan Pretorius, most definately the foremost expert on the 2nd Anglo Boer War… known for his books on the subject, like Verskroeide Aarde (Scorched Earth). Do yourself a favour and read Verskroeide Aarde.

    For ANYBODY BRITISH to say that the Concentration Camps were so-called protection camps is a blatant lie… and I would like to give him a piece of my mind and 2 pieces of my fists in his face!!


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