1. I really pray that the ANC, DA and EFF be left without power like the freaken loadshedding.I do not even want to talk about the Good for nothing party. This double sided rule is ridiculous. We the people should out number them and show them who is in control

  2. OMW, what hypocrisy!! Where is covid now?? Makes me sick!! And to think of Debbie and the rest of the peaceful protesters on the 9th Oct in Sea Point
    getting the Riot Police Treatment, beating up woman and children. One of the things was the issue with the masks. Look at this, where are their masks? Covid is an absolute sham and this Government in South Africa needs to go. Disgraceful!!! I will keep a pic of this and take it with me to my local Pick ‘n Pay. Why are we still in lockdown and why are we still wearing these damn masks anyways???


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