1. Evil gates is as wicked as his father who began the murder of unborn. A fucked up lunatic family. They should take their money away that they made through evil.

  2. This evil gates should go very quickly because the world is a very sad place with wicked people as they are.

  3. When is this idiot Gates gonna realise we not so stupid to believe his bullshit!!!

  4. I stopped watching after 6 minutes because I cannot tolerate that whiney nerdy voice of that low life scum who wants people to pay their bills at his gates of hell.


  5. He will get a hell of a surprise in SA because the ANC entrepreneurs will take their deal of the cash for their own pockets.

  6. “UUUHHH”………..”UUUHHH”…………”UUUHHH” This idiot is painful.

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