1. She must be careful….these bastards will assassinate her. I hope that she is protected

  2. Pauline Hanson is one very brave lady. The Bill failed to pass because both the Liberal and Labor politicians have been bought by Big Pharma.

  3. If they can make it compulsory for you to take a vaccine, they can also make it compulsory for you to be sterilized, euthanized, or give up an organ on demand. The importance of informed voluntary consent is understood by few.

  4. dont these idiots realize that when theres a next general election how many of them are going to sit without a seat,look what happened in South Africa, the evil ANC have basically lost all of there hold in municipalities,, they dropped from around 54 % down to below 50% and still dont see how they are the cause of the chaos in the country but still around 50 % of black people vote ANC for a yellow t-shirt and a food parcel,, the same day they have just voted ANC they go on the streets and start burning looting ,,how stupid,, a few hours before you voted ANC but then go and join the masses to demo against the same councilors you’ve just voted in,, how dump stipid can you get,,, then the rest of the world dont understand why apartheid was implemented in the 1960s.. look whats going on in South Africa,, but if i look whats going o in Canada Aussieland New Zeeland then thy not much better than the blacks in South Africa when it comes to 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠

  5. I do not think you are going to see a NEXT election for a long time. What I see is that the current tyrants in power have got it all sown up. Despite the huge crowds showing there absolute contempt at these draconian rules with protests, they are basically being ignored. This is just going to push their frustration levels higher and higher and there anger is going to turn to rage, this rage will lead to violent protest. In Australia, Germany, Austria, England, Belgium etc etc. When violence erupts which it will if the world keeps following this agenda, then the next step is to declare Marshall Law, goodbye all freedoms and human rights including the right to vote. The tribulation has started, and will only end when the Lord God intervenes.
    Meanwhile the two big super powers Russia and China seems to have a quiet agreement on the go. Russia seems on the verge of invading the Ukraine, and China will support them,because they can then invade Taiwan with Russian support. Europe is heading for chaos, America the other super power is falling to pieces with woke Liberalism, and does not have the guts or ability to stand against either Russian or China. I see the end of civilization as we know it. The preparation of the world stage for the Anti Christ, A charismatic leader who will promise to deliver it from this collapse and who will attract many world leaders. He will set himself up as God, the abomination of desolation.
    Take heart Christian brothers and sisters for your redemption draws nearer, it is on the horizon, Our Lord will come like a thief in the night when we least expect Him, and He will reign from Zion for a 1000 yrs, with a rod of iron. Then Satan and his followers will be released from the bottomless pit And Armageddon will come, followed by a new heaven and a new earth.

  6. Better get some fresh ammo. Wait, was it you guys who gave up your guns? Was that part of their plan?

  7. @ Tracy Sutton:
    Yes, you are so right, Tracy. People are only too keen to ‘take a quick fix’ that will solve an immediate problem and not see the bigger picture. Thanks for your comment.

  8. @ Dan Berriman:
    In my youth there were many billboarders on street corners warning, ‘The End is Nigh’, but few believed them as the signs were not there. Now there are few believers and the signs are there for all to see, the evil in the World prevails and yet only a few have read the Bible – once a feature in Australian homes. Christianity is no longer encouraged and yet it is the basis of law and order. God bless all believers. We pray we will be here when He comes to praise his arrival.

  9. @ Dan Berriman:
    Very good Dan and what you said was so true. I also remember the podcast that Scott had you on a while back. It was about the occult and you mentioned that Afrikaaner woman that had demons in her house and the demons took on the form of men and they talked to her in Afrikaans and they attacked her and her daughters. It was very interesting and creepy at the same time. It shows how there are dark evil forces in this world and Satan and the demons are running rampant especially in these end times. God bless you and I will see you and I will meet you in heaven very soon.

  10. All the governments of Australia are lying corrupt evil scumbags and they are nothinh more than puppets of China the UN and the new world order.

  11. All the governments of Australia are lying corrupt evil scumbags and they are nothing more than puppets of China the UN and the new world order.

  12. Im surprised that the bill was even considered because a mandate is an agreement between 2 parties , in this case , the government and the people. If either party disagrees then it cannot be called a mandate and neither can the plan proceed. In this case the people disagree and even if some agree out of outright ignorance , stupidity, fear and brainwashing etc that does not obligate the others to take it and neither does it allow the government to enforce it . Thats the law . So how can a new bill be proposed if the present law already stands in the publics favour ? Those laws should be shown to the house and enforced by the justice officials . It is already there. If those justice officials dont or refuse , then they should be fired forthwith for dereliction of duty and contributing to the deaths of the unprotected.

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