1. Millions of South Africans will tell the govt to go and jump in the lake over this and so how are they going to jail all the protective parents, the jail threat is totally unenforceable if enough resist and they will. Reality is that the child vaxx mandates wont apply to the ANC elite families, thats a gimme, these narccississts only care about numero uno, the second commandment to love others as you love yourself is totally ignored.

  2. … and who will take of the children while the parents are on a mandatory vacation compliments of the State?

  3. The solution is simple: The Gatvollers must vote out the F@kollers out of power in 2024. The F@kollers can also take those needles and shove them up where the sun does not shine.

  4. Well I say fuck them! There is no way they are touching my child and I’

  5. I’m not scared of their threats. If they want a war, they will get one!

  6. @ Alan Naude:
    A weak people are people that won’t fight back with weapons to protect themselves.

    In the past, people would shoot the tyrants and chase them away from their families.

    But today, many are LGBTFG whatever that is.


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