1. This is unacceptable
    They have gone to far with the vaccinations

    Children are extremely vulnerable to diseases out there and including being jabbed with a needle

    NO if parents truly want to protect their children

    They must make their kids eat healthier foods and be physically active

    From my perspective that is real healthcare not stupid pharmaceuticals

    Ja dit is baie toetaal onaanvaarbaar wat hierdie twee sosialistiese regering gedoen aan jou en alle kinders en teenagers

  2. Scott this is bad,, cant believe how people can even think of this

  3. so it means that the parents who let their babies and kids get the jab now is being trail babies,, hope those parents realize it

  4. They are all committing genocide against humanity. I cannot wait for the trials to take place. They are going against The Constitution, The International

    Covenant On Civil And Political Rights Treaty, The Nuremberg Code Of Informed Consent, The Declaration Of Helsinki, The Findings Of The International

    Criminal Court Of The Hague, The Right Of Informed Consent As Protected By National And International Law, The Universal Declaration On Bioethics And

    Human Rights Article 6, The Code Of Federal Regulations Title 21, The Geneva Convention IV 1949 Article 32.

    I hope all the Bastards are charged under these regulations

  5. This stupid liar talks about the ethics committee….this government and their puppets have no ethics…..they will all be judged by the higher power…the

    sooner the better

  6. My tortoise is better educated than this torofaeceologist. I have never heard such rubbish coming out of a so called human in my life. He is one of the devils

    deciples..soon he will grow horns

  7. Children now the lab-rats.one sided narrative and no informed concent. UNETHICAL!!!

  8. Scott, I’m so tired of hearing these lies, I’m disgusted with the fact they can actually Lie to us with a straight face on National TV. As for the parents that are letting their children to be labrats SHANE ON YOU 😡.
    You don’t deserve to have children.

  9. I want to say I cannot believe parents will allow their young children (or older) to get the jab, but on the other hand we all allowed our children to get the “childhood vaccines” – against polio, diptheria, measles, mumps and rubella and we just took the word of the doctors! So for those with eyes wide shut, I guess it is the same situation now with Covid vax


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