1. Hi Scott. I’ve been watching the fall of the Cabal videos SERIES 1 and 2. History repeating itself.

  2. Hallo Ek nou kyk die video

    En Ek sê dat die antichrist Sal kom in die toekoms

    Ek weet wat tyd hy Sal kom maar ek voel en weet dat die antichrist en hy doringbos regering Sal kom

    Not to mention the fact that this is exactly what happened to my South Africa
    The Freemasons and all the secret societies are responsible for the destruction of my beautiful country South Africa

  3. Have you all noticed how the commonwealth countries have been hit the hardest with these lockdown rules?
    All the dots are joining people.

  4. How do i find these guy please somone help google is closing my browser everytime i serch for them

  5. Hi

    Where can i find the original vid? Dont understand why the links of original vids are not in the discription?


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