1. I’ve put it up on Facebook/Pinterest/Linkedin.
    People are seeing and hearing the truth. Slowly but surely!
    Get us a cure, no matter how many people we kill in the process, just as long as we can con people in making them believe that we are helping them, our evil plans will go undetected.
    Well, not for long! Not for long!

  2. @klaaswertmann says:
    12 Jul 2021 at 2:04 PM
    The holoheist is a jewish invention styled with the same principles as the covid hoax.Could it point to the same source…?

    What world do you live in????? It is precisely people like you that has spawned evil creatures like hitler and the rest of the evil in this world….just remember that hovering over your head is the biggest bitch of all called Karma who is waiting for the right moment to destoy evil creatures like you….the fires of hell will soon welcome you and your kind

  3. one must go read up on google from what source the germans came from,, the germanic race, google sys english is very close to it if I am right.. that’s why the old English royals also committed big hardship in the ealrty years,, the kelts and all those clangs, not only Germany or germans are a hard barbaric nation, don’t put the English also away,, look how in early English history how thy fought against each other,, the kelts the Gauls, brother against brother and families against the other family,,its all on google,

  4. @ klaaswertmann:
    This is what God is saying right at the beginning of His Word in Genesis 12:3 “And I will bless those who bless you(Israel)who confer prosperity or happiness upon you and will curse him who curses you or uses insolent language toward you; in you will all the families and kindred of the earth be blessed (andby you they will bless themselves)”
    I will not dare to fall in the Hands of God, because of any form of anti-semitism.
    It is dangerous and fearful to fall into the hands of the Living God. (Hebrews 10:31)
    We cannot get away from the set principles in God’s Word.
    Take heed!!!

  5. A Jewish invention – hahaha – Try British @ klaaswertmann: You think Israeli’s “invented” the holocaust?

    @ mck: Nope, not the Germans either.

    @ anthonygermany: I agree with you.

    Are you aware of the South African holocaust in 1901 where the British confined the Boer nation to concentration camps?

  6. Perhaps I should have been more specific and said the English, because British includes Welsh, Scottish and Irish.
    Even they fought with the English.
    Pog mo hoin springs to mind.


  7. @Shalom7 Very interesting to read the truth being said about what’s in God word. Very true. But if you delve in further you will find that today the WEF is run by Nazi Klaus born 1938 and funded by uber rich Jews from the USA, led by Soros the Nazi. Some films made in the 1980’s explain very well – watch: The Holcroft Covenant and Moonraker. Your Ramaposa was told to obey the WEF NWO laws at the G7 in no uncertain terms. Those that refuse the COVAX Initiative are being eliminated like the Haitian President and Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Swaziland, Burundi. The WEF plan is to reduce the 7 Billion population to 500 Million without hurting the animals/plants (Moonraker). Create unrest across the world (Holcroft Covenant) and in Spectre the movie, they created a terrorist attack in South Africa just to get them to agree to mass surveillance. Has 5G arrived yet in SA?


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