1. The reason I wear a mask when in public places and wipe the handles of shopping trolleys is not because of covid but because of spike proteins emanating from the idiots who fell for this scam. Now we’re stuck with this until they all drop.It’s not the unvaccinated who are the problem but the vaccinated.

  2. They are all a bunch of non trustable people we need to trust God and God alone my trust is in the God of the Bible let’s ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™for all because they need to know how Great our God is

  3. So strange all my friends and people around me ,are vacinated.Amazing how they run after what governments say.If you look practically at this whole debackle about to get vaccinated else you wont enjoy your life like before again,it makes no sense at all.Yes sure you can argue that Im not a docter and how would you know anyway rightHeres my answer.I use the brain that God gave me.You must have mask on when entering a restaurant.If seated then you can remove the mask cause the virus doesnt attack when youre seated in a restaurant or church right.? It sounds like common sense to you? Surely not to me.Rugbystadiums across the world are filled to capacity,here in South Africa,no one is allowed even you can space them far away from each other.Ban smoking cause the virus can speead if you smoke.Ag and so I can go on and on.By the way I have given Game,Mtn and other a toffy cause they want to force me to be vaccinated else I cant get special discounts on some of their products.God bless and enjoy your day

  4. All Governments know they’ve been had. They’re plaid by the Rothschild and the rest of the billionaires. So to them money is the way to go. How does the saying go?
    MONEY IS THE ROOT OF EVIL ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ, which is so true.

  5. In the end, there will be only two groups – the winners and the losers – sheep, and goats.
    It is your choice who you want to follow.
    Just remember – GOD is our Healer – Jehovah Rapha – and he can’t lie.
    So, don’t be stupid and follow a bunch of goats or hyenas.

  6. I do not appreciate being refer to as anti-vaxxers. Please allow me to exercised my constitutional right by not taking the Covid vaccination. The mainstream media reports daily only on the Covid- 19 statistics.(infection and deaths) Why does mainstream media not report daily on the following daily statistics: (Perhaps not sensational enough or maybe not political correct. I don’t trust or believe anything from the ANC government) Farm attacks and murders, Other murders including that of children. Deaths from other illness such as heart attacks, diabetis, HIV, Cancer etc. Vehicle hijackings, kidnapping, murder and injury as a result of that.
    Burglaries, business and private residences, theft including murder and injury as a result there off. Attempted murders including injury as a result there off. Illegal strikes and marches, burning of trucks and other property.
    NB: In South Africa, The possibility of death by any of the above mentioned is far greater than death from contracting Covid -19 that has a 98% survival rate.


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