1. There are so many conflicting versions (some for and some against the vax). I do not know what to believe anymore. Surely there is a legal route to follow to stop whatever is being done wrongfully and illegally.

  2. Making trillions of dollars…Let us guess what the money will be used for…… In a few months time people will die like flies due to 5G applications acting on the GO and the actual actions of GO and lots of PROPERTY WILL BE ON THE MARKET, They will buy it all , even from banks on auctions etc. Bank owners and staff and family were promised free automatic vaccine passports for life and so they give the vaccine terrorists full support and the use of banking services will depend on your vaxpassport and thus ALL will be coerced to take the vax and boosters as to survive. They will die eventually at the choice of the new owners of your patented new dna.

  3. These evil perpetrators will only be held accountable 40 years down the line when most of them have passed. Just like what happened after the death camps in Poland and Germany


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