1. I won’t take the vaccine neither will I take Ivermectin. God gave us the right foods to combat these diseases and the ability to exercise. These coupled with faith and strong mental belief are all we need. Flu and the common cold are actually necessary to clear the lungs from the accumulation of dust.

  2. I honestly refuse to take this experimental drug @ Forest Man you are so right by what you have just mentioned. God gave us an immune system that can take care of its self or we can make use of safe and effective drugs such as Ivermectin. Both my parents made this stupid mistake to take the pfizer jab. my fathers arm became magnetic after his first jab. My mother is still trying to keep it a secret from me. I fail to understand why they took this stupid gene therapy drugs that is clearly unsafe. I know my mothers job here in South Africa registered them and forced them indirectly to take this jab but still I warned both of them and showed them all these videos and what the real health experts say and show still they did they own thing. My heart is really broken but what can I say and do. I believe they want to force everyone to take this BS . According to the fake news media we wont be able to work etc. I know I cant leave South Africa either as I wont be able to fly without taking this BS. Its should be our own choice not to take it as we have the right to say no without being bullied by our Gov, Employers etc.

  3. Look at the FACTS, Look at the GRAPHS…Covid is basically non existent in India and Mexico.
    Do you really want to tell me that it can’t work anywhere else in the world?
    Yes, it absolutely can!!!
    But as long as there are money hungry, power crazy leaders/premiers/prime ministers in power, pushing the vaccine down their citizens throats, we will keep on witnessing this never ending train smash, playing out in front of our eyes, where the casualties will be many for years to come.

  4. My wife and I came down sick after my wife was exposed to a friend who had Covid. We had all the Covid symptoms, very bad headache, high temperature and a loss of taste. As soon as we got these symptoms, we started the FLCCC’s protocol for early treatment Covid, which includes Ivermectin. 48 hours after doing this protocol, all symptoms were gone. We did carry on with the protocol for 5 days as recommended. This protocol can be found on the FLCCC website and downloaded as a pdf.

    This is anecdotal as we didn’t get tested for Covid, but whatever we had was gone in 48 hours.

  5. Banning Ivermectin is downright evil! Freedom of speach, thoughts, restrictions on businesses and lockdowns,and forcing vaccines is nothing short of dictatorship! No doubt Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and big pharma are smiling all the way to the bank!

  6. For interested people a really good podcast with Frontline Doctor and Profesor of Biology on the Joe Rogan show on ivermectin etc was also booted from youtube. Bret Weinstein is a professor in Biology and has a great podcast on The Dark Horse you can find snipits on youtube with links to their channel


  7. @ Rob Bark:
    Thanks Rob,

    Yeah I have subscribed an love their podcasts alot.. Been Listening for a while now. Anyone who loves a good science focused discussion should take the time to listen for sure…


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