1. I will refuse. The whole World must Rebel right now kill these satanism. Create Global Armies. Train everybody and get Armed. Connect with all Militia’s and Survivalist Groups all across the World. Go in Coalition with them. All Christian’s across the World feel free to Rebel its your right to be free no one will tell us what to do at what time. Take up Arms please. South Africa, Europe, Australia, United States and British get Armed and ready to fight for Freedom and Survival. I see World War 3 comming because of this. There’s no way Im allowing this.

  2. These bastards should stand trial for human rights contravention as well as mass extermination. They can test me using swabs that I provide and only from my mouth. This evil has to be exterminated.

  3. Well all I can say is, I can’t use Your Braincells…..if You chose to Ignore All of the Facts, with your Working Braincells – Then like the Guy said, take one for the team & help them with Depopulation…….

  4. Humanity is the virus here. Try showing them the truth and they say it’s a conspiracy. They’re brainwashed by the media. Look at how many of them are waiting desperately to get their vaccines?


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