1. Cleaning up and rebuilding doesn`t seems to attract as much “people” as free shopping and destruction….

  2. the proof a nation of retarded criminals. even up in zim the police army would have moved in and shot the rubbish down. the poor Indians attacked by racist gangs looting their shops, burning their homes and killing their family members .now the world can see what they are. the hard workers get punished by parasites .

  3. OMG! Sad indeed. Did a war of some sorts occur there?? Its looks like Iraq or some country in the middle east. What utter destruction & what for? In the name of poverty & hunger, this utter devastation. People in other African countries look like skeletons from suffering of hunger & poverty, but they do not destroy their infrastructure! No words to describe this war zone, except to invoke God’s help. The only blessing: the thousands of South Africans, united & determined
    to clean up this mess; to bring hope and to try & restore our beloved South Africa to its former glory.

  4. what is the big deal? looks like every democratic ” i.e. black” run city in America. we have to put up w/ it why not everyone else?
    oh i forgot they are sociologically deprived individuals are they not? the psychology of “black” people is totally different than the rest of the world. i want it i will take it yes? damn the people that put their blood sweat and tears into something. if you say anything we don’t like we’ll come after yo white a**. knock yo white a** of the sidewalk if we wants to–don’t you just love it– i am bitter because i was made that way. by them.

  5. I cannot like this video, as I am deeply saddened by what I see. At first, I didn’t want to open this video as I was afraid of what I might be confronted with.
    I have no words.


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