1. This is what those who were loyal to the ANC get in return for their years of loyalty, it serves them right for voting for a bunch of thieves and Corrupt people. The saying is true, you get what you wished for. So to those who are ANC employees, suck it up butter cup, you deserve the treatment you are getting. No sympathy from me.

  2. The DUMBOS will still vote for the same rabble of crooks at the next election

  3. These employees have been loyally rolling out the policies implementing the NDR. Always remember this. If it was a private company, would have been burnt to the ground.

  4. Hilarious report. the greater Azania republic of babbooonia will just have to cut back on kfc and singing stupid genocide songs .the anc came to power by playing the victim and violence against the inhabitants of the townships for years. the voters should understand its who counts the votes wins like in zim . we are watching and laughing at your pathetic anc version of Westminster played out by retards who are looting the nation.

  5. well looks like the biggest tantrum chimp out tantrum is going down in a generation inside the anc nest of gangsters .voting in jail birds and serial killers back in 1994 what did the voters think would happen in s a maybe Zurich or monte carlo with a first world life style . drc congo was the second richest country in africa in 1960 it had the best farming in africa .look at it today becoming a satellite state of china to be drained out like a bleeding cow to the slaughter .south africa has a big problem the chinese banks want the billions in usd loans paid back that zuma and his bandits stole ..i advise is work over the border and watch the zoo.

  6. This is usually a signal of the beginning of the end when government salaries start going unpaid. They said that is what happened in Afghanistan after Biden came in. The money flow stopped so people started returning home, including soldiers and security guards. Thus the Taliban just walked right into the capital…

  7. Of course if it was white people in the government doing this, they would scream racism and send mobs to their homes threatening to burn them down with their families inside…

  8. Starving anc civil servants brings me much joy. lest hope they get no money and a year later still no money. Arrogant retards, you should see them in rsa consulates round the world behave like real scum. they find ways to take away s a citizenship even from babies and little children, and they smile when they tell you like the evil Satan spawn they are. Bunch of dead beat savages, the laziest low IQ criminals to walk the earth .i hope township mobs hunt them on lists some day

  9. @ penny sparrow:
    Yes ,a troupe of wandering baboons ,rounded up and installed in place of the anc wouldn’t have done a worse job .


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