1. What that guy said at the end was telling. “What happens when people come in with heart attacks, strokes, …”. Because it will be the vaxxed coming in with those problems as we have seen from the blood slides.

  2. You cannot be trusted AP!!!!
    Nobody believes you!!!
    Wonder how you would fare under a polygraph test?
    Shame on you!!!

    Hamilton Bower explains what conscience is.
    He says :”Conscience is like a sun-dial, if you let truth shine upon it, it will set you right!
    The author expands upon the simile as follows: “But you may cover it over so that no truth can fall upon it, or you may let false light gleam upon it and then it will lead you astray.”

    And that is what’s been happening to you!!!
    You lie with a seered conscience in such a way that you keep on telling people that the vaccine are safe and that it protects you against covid, which does not exist in the first place, leading people astray!!!
    Do you really think that we are still falling for your sick lies!!??
    You are killing people with your protocols in hospitals!!!!
    So many doctors are testifying about it.
    We know that the vaccines are lethal!!! Stop lying and telling people that it is safe!!!
    The world has all the evidence they need to prove how pathalogically false the lies are, coming from your mouth.
    We the people are sick and tired of your face and we are sick and tired of hearing your voice every night and we are sick and tired of your lies!!!!
    You agenda has been caught out and you cannot lie to the people of Queensland or Australia any longer.

    You are a disgrace to this nation and we loathe your presence!!! You and your little evil deputy!!!
    Why don’t you just step down and go and get lost in the outback somewhere!?

    If you do not repent of your wicked ways you will be facing the wrath of Almighty God soon…and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy!!!

    The time has come for you to listen to the people of this nation, rather than the evil psychopathic globalists like Bill Gates whispering in your ears all the time!!!

  3. It is the virus that hunts down the unvaccinated! Just how stupid does this woman think people are?
    She has got to be as thick as two short planks.
    The people of this world will never look at their Governments, their military or their police in the same way ever again.

  4. AP is just another one of Klaus Schwab’s and Bill Gates little helpers.

  5. Safe my Arse the heart attack rate has gone up from 1in 10 to a worrying 3 in a ten.No adverse effects are logged and few pro vax doctors accept that the vax is doing anything.Now is the time to choose you doc ,cause if they are diagnosing vax side effects they genuine if not they quacks.Dont go near them they dont know what they doing.Didnt realise it was so many and even specialists too.


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