1. It’s enough for me that Hein is shaking hands with that turncoat charlatan Noel de Beer!!!!

  2. OMG I am so worried about Patrick…he is such an important link for assisting farmers with animal feed and food and other supplies for people trapped in squatter camps…

    I am hoping for his recovery.

    I actually think he could be driving himself too hard because he was sick previously this year…

    An old friend used to say to me ‘your health is your wealth’….I hope he is taking care of his.😪😪😪

  3. Thanks Scott. This was a very informative session. This group was the best to get together and should maybe used in the future with other upcoming organisations on further discussions.

  4. I am hoping that CapeXit and ULA are working together really it is of utmost importance!

    Please how can any of us help with the independence !

  5. America is also fighting to get the government out of the schools. Please the Capexit and ULA must stand and work together we need it so desperately. They just don’t realize it otherwise they must tell us where do they recommend we must flee too.

    The most precious we have is our lives. Time is very little. We can not take this uncertainty much longer. Thank you.

  6. Anything and everything that is build on lies, betrayal, fraud and so on will fall guaranteed, why? God will never be part of it.

    Everything build truthfully etc and kept so. Wil be accepted and recognized by God and will be acceptable to be blessed.

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