1. ” Thats not nice ” said the young police guy, but as the loyal patron said, busting into businesses to harass and fine everyone in sight isn’t exactly nice either, well said. The police enforcement of these made up rules from the criminal govts is making them look really bad, trust in them is fast disappearing.

  2. Delta, Omicron, Covid, the common cold, the flu, or what ever, is always changing, what ever you want to call it. Now a liar lies, changes, and lies some more. The greater the lie, the bigger the buy! They have been lying to us for hundreds of years. It is true that there is no virus. Jesus and his disciples did not even sanitize their hands, because it is true that this whole thing is a scam.

  3. The citizens of Toowoomba are watching the WELLCAMP construction everyday. It will soon be inhabited by the UNVAXXED.

  4. We are being controlled through the Jews and the secret societies who get their orders from higher spiritual forces, good and bad. Right now, the bad is winning. Angels and demons, all the way; whether you believe in them, or not, it is true. The ultimate endgame? Our evolution. This has been going on for millions of years and the less you know the better. Now they want to block you off from your God and slow down the development of your soul. Kill the people off and you stop the evolution of the planet. God will not allow this BS.

  5. but the problem is that in EU they going to bring in a fine from June that if u are not fully vaccinated u are going to be fined 100 euros for every time u are caught outside unvaccinated,in Greece its already in,

  6. @ Edward Barlow:

    No we are being controlled by pure evil psycopaths who are the deciples of satan with no religion, nation or anything else. It is easy to blame the Jewish

    nation because you cannot bring yourself to open your eyes and believe that pure evil exists right next to you…maybe even in yourself. Our creator made a

    balance between good and evil and gave us all a choice. At the moment the status quo is out of balance but good will always prevail as decreed by our Creator

  7. There will be no end to this nonsense until Jesus returns. They are are going to keep pushing and enforcing this scamdemic and they are going to keep making up more strains and variants and they are going to keep making people get more booster shots. It’s all about power and control and bringing in a one world government. It is evil.

  8. How much longer will the cops allow the Polit whores and the Big Pharma criminals to abuse them ?


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