1. Last night i rang a friend , this friend is a churchgoer and when i warned him about the danger of the covid jab, he informed me that hes getting two jabs and that his pastor is recommending people in their church to take the jab, unfortunately the church in these endtimes is completely impotent and is actually condoning satans evil plans to kill ,destroy and rob us of salvation.

  2. Although to our great discomfort, these prophecies must come to pass for Jesus Christ to come.

  3. What is as frightening on the 2025 DEAGEL Spreadsheet is the last column – the per capita income per person per country.

  4. I would love to share this again from my LLTV Forum entry “Daily Bread” under the Q&A section:

    Q & A.001.Thoughts on the Morality of Vaccines?
    I’ve heard it said that our moral responsibility is to get vaccinated, but others say that vaccines are immoral, especially if they contain aborted fetal material. What are your thoughts on the morality of vaccines?
    It is a very difficult question to answer and I’ll explain why. I find it difficult to get trustworthy information. I have had people look me square in the eye — people that I would normally trust — and say, “such and such vaccine is made with aborted fetuses.” And I’ve heard from other people or read other things that say that the same vaccination is not made that way. How would I know?
    So first of all, it’s very difficult to get reliable information on this. And so, do the best you can to get the information you can. I would not go upon a casual second- or third- or fourth-hand opinion from somebody. If this is something that really concerns you or someone else, you need to do the very best research you can, number one — but then, number two, when it comes to anything that we would do for our health, such as a vaccine, I would say this: it is really up to that individual and God because we don’t have a clear command in the scriptures regarding such a thing.
    There are some people who claim that this vaccine for the COVID-19 virus is the mark of the beast, which is predicted to come in the very last days, as described in the book Revelation. I strongly disagree with that. I don’t think that is true at all. Now, if something were the mark of the beast, then obviously we’re saying don’t take it. But the mark of the beast, as it is described in the book of Revelation, has to do with economic transactions— every economic transaction. It also has to do with the worship of or allegiance to the individual who is the Antichrist and/or his government. These are not factors in the vaccine that we see today.
    There are people who say, “Well, it’s conditioning us for a future reception of the mark of the beast.” That may be true. I think that’s really something to talk about and think about. But the Bible doesn’t say that the vaccine itself is the mark of the beast or speak specifically to this issue.
    I believe that this is a matter of Christian conscience, that Christians should get as much information as they can. They should pray as much as they can. And they should act in their conscience before God in the way that God would lead them to do.
    I think some experts need to do a teaching on this sometime. I think we need to come to a renewed understanding of the liberty of the freedom that we have in Jesus Christ. And where the Bible does not speak specifically to something or in clear principle to something, then I believe that we need to have freedom of conscience before God to say “I will do or not do this as I believe God is speaking to my own conscience about it.” I think this is getting somewhat obscured in our present day. I hope that answers that question for you a bit. For now, anyway. Time will tell.
    Thank God that we have a website like Loving Life TV where we can learn the truth and Scott is doing his utter best to keep us informed. Please appreciate that.

  5. @ klaaswertmann:
    Why would the king of the Netherlands run to Argentina if the Netherlands will have the lowest decrease in the world, nearly none ?

  6. @ Shane Pengelly:
    yes my sister staying in Boksburg did the same because her pastor explained that its got nothing to do with the bible and they must get it, wonder if they don’t go to the same church hehheehehe, she and her husband had there, she was so excited to go get it,

  7. Forest Man wrote:

    Although to our great discomfort, these prophecies must come to pass for Jesus Christ to come.

    yes totally agree,


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