1. Doing something wrong because I cannot get into the live stream that Scotty mentioned would be on at eight o’clock tonight

  2. Sexwale is another one I would not trust with a 10 foot bargepole and here’s why > Time is getting close to the African National Congress (ANC) elections and Tokyo Sexwale extracts himself from under the wood pile and in the process his timing is impeccable while he receives with it plenty of main stream media attention. He said he was one of the two people in charge of the fund, together with what he called a “very powerful family”. From my experience never trust the one that’s either gossiping, backstabbing or in this case busy throwing someone under the bus. So.. lock him up, he’s just as guilty as the rest.

  3. Rob Peter to pay Paul.t is all becoming confusing and my experience ove 27years is now kicking in. Is this a destraction for us to look the other way?


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