1. Wits is taking the law into their own hands and so endangering the lives of students and staff and the public and this threat of a needle attack on our bodies is the same as sticking a knife or sharp object or poison into other people to do grievous bodily harm. At the hand of this CDC document and reports of adverse effects, this threat must be reported to the police as a criminal case and attempt to murder people that may include ministers, police, judges, professors, maintenance company members, the students and parents or anybody forced to visit the premises due to work or duties as to survive.
    FOLLOW THE MONEY…. this illegal threat to kill and maim was not just issued because of a political coup and cult action, but also due to bribery from the very corporations owning the vaccine scam. Wits must have been coerced themselves that if they don’t do what they have illegally done, then funding will be cut off…or…greatly increased and the persons responsible for this threat must be charged to appear before Parliament and explain who coerced them. We must all also write to the SABC and report their false news relating to the ‘pandemic’, all done according to their manifesto advertised on their television screen. If 40million south africans report them for news that is inaccurate etc. then they can be closed down. This CDC document can be sent to them with every complaint so that they can not deny receiving it or that they were unaware of it like Wits is. The SABC is used or coerced by the vaccine corporations to spew out their narrative and the SABC must also report to Parliament why they are not researching their news properly and giving a balanced view of current affairs. Are they also receiving funds of some kind from illegal sources?? We want answers.

  2. How can people …. EDUCATED PEOPLE…. be so excruciatingly IGNORANT? How… HOW?

  3. Video by Dr. Nathan Thompson @6:40: I guarantee you, your doctor is not saying, “Let’s do an immune system panel; an expanded one (that’s CD4, CD8, natural killer cells and things like that).”… If you do not know what this test is… it is similar how they measure the progression of HIV infection… it is basically an AIDS test.
    Then the doctor shows the immunodeficiency test results after the second jab with 3 major biomarkers in the red and concludes “autoimmunity” (in broad terms).
    So therefore, if you gave these test results to any doctor and said you are sick and HIV positive (without mentioning jabs) then the doctor will most likely diagnose you with AIDS.
    The tests show a deficiency in autoimmunity “protector” cells and that is AIDS (Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome); only the “cleanup” cells went up in numbers after the damages have occurred.
    “Death Doctors” (who are all over these 666 jabs) have been planning for decades in exterminating billions via AIDS.
    My conclusion of “showing signs of AIDS” should be clearer now and this test on its own does not conclude AIDS; but like they faked COVID positive tests they can fake HIV positive tests. https://rumble.com/vnbqmm-october-4-2021.html

  4. A jab is a bodily assault and assaults are illegal, even aiding and abetting an assault is illegal. Sue the crap out of Wits for aiding and abetting assault.

  5. If anyone does not serve you because you do not want to wear a mask or because of a vaccine, you shoot that person dead! We are in the next phase and will not accept any form of tyranny!

  6. In the old days when I was at wits we would have totally boycotted all classes until they gave in. We did it once for 6 weeks……

  7. One way to get rid of all the communist liberal staff in the universities.

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