1. The true horror of this scenario where land is confiscated will only come to light once the bill has become law. Who will decide what is to be confiscated? Maybe one person, say Ramaphosa, They may have ‘committees’ selecting areas and farms, then they
    divide the ‘loot’ among them and the land is never given to the black sheeple. Although the land will then be state owned, they can do on it what THEY like. They may even trade it for other privileges like with Bill Gates who is now the biggest landowner in America and so he can control food production and so become a king pin of the NWO movement. This law will give the looters a blank cheque and enormous power, where they can blackmail people by simply threatening to take their land unless the victims oil a few palms. The white culture will be destroyed on purpose and the ‘boiling of the white frog’ will be finalized.

  2. Zimbwabwe is gone ,no hope there, SA is still surviving thanks to the fact that about 4,5 million whites still live in the country, its pretty obvious that somethings missing in the black majority, the L factor probably, after all why can they not see that what happened in Zim is going to happen in SA if EWC goes ahead.

  3. Hopefully people are prepping and preparing for the day when mobs of hungry people regularly turn up in their towns looking for food and anything else they can steal…

  4. land confiscation well old communist trick control the food control the people. the courts are controlled by a terrorist state for their own agenda . i have contact with Portuguese people who fled Mozambique as children to joburg 1975. well they have gone back to Mozambique to work and live where they were born. why to escape the anc criminality and hate laws to legalise terror racism. all this going on today in s a was planned in the terror camps more than 60 years ago. ive said for 32 years now south africa will starve and slide in to chaos poverty and tribal war . it will start with land theft and mass looting of private citizens wealth .


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