1. It is amazing how they can lie so easily about something so dangerous and lethal

  2. At least here is a Senator that has read a biochemistry or cell biology book. In this interview the senator is concerned about the amount of spike protein that the synthetic mRNA can produce in one human cell, hence the question regarding the stop sequence. Something else that requires a stop sequence is the rtPCR assay. The portion of code between the rtPCR primer (in a test) and the stop sequence is assumed to originate from the Coronavirus spp. but this can only be determined for certain with sequencing.
    In routine diagnosis there is no mention of genetic sequencing merely amplification and the number of cycles. Nor, is much attention cast on the specificity of the primer(s) which are required to detect a specific complementary nucleotide sequence in a highly contaminated specimen.
    This is why URINE is possibly the better specimen for rtPCR BUT continues to be excluded from the test panel.

  3. the truth will never be told or come out what really is happening and has happened to people who took the jab,,the truth can never come out because it will cause so much mayhem and running around by people like off head chickens,

  4. At least the senator tried. This “Doctor” is an arsehole and covering everything up that he can!!


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