1. The unvaccinated are the danger? and what about the vaccinated , 82% of breastfed babies die after their mothers were given the vaxx, those married to the vaxxed are getting ill as are those in workplaces where the majority have been vaxxed. As usual the lying media have claimed the very opposite to the real truth.

  2. This is exactly how the NWO uses its little chess pieces on their global chess board to create a complete state of phobia in peoples minds.

    And yes they use MSM as their tool to install fear into the psyhe of the human mind so that they voluntarily, without thinking about the consequences, willingly surrender to be slaughtered like sheep in a slaughter house.

    This is psychological warfare, as well as, biological warfare against humankind with the one goal to murder as many people as possible to hit their target of 500 000 000.

    Yes, this is NOT conspiracy, this is Conspiracy Exposed as the mass mania continues.
    Clearly all rational thinking is completely out the door as this utter foolishness takes over the planet.

    Complete and utter insanity and mindcraft of the highest degree!!!

    Wake up world and smell the roses!!!

    The NWO wants you in a coffin, and they are not bringing you flowers!!!

    Save yourself by choosing life, after listening to the facts about the so called vaccine on this platform.
    I want to appeal to everyone TO REFUSE TO BE BRAINWASHED INTO A CERTAIN DEATH.

    I’ve made up mind and they are not going to have my healthy mind or my body!!

    “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.”

    Choose life by choosing Christ and by refusing their mindcontrol.

  3. Up until a month ago I never knew anyone who had covid. Now I know of six people who have died. But the thing is, they all had the vaccine.

  4. I just heard 100 sailors on Queen Elizabeth’s yacht tested positive for Covid. All were fully vaccinated…a few hundred sailors are needed to man that yacht…just sayin🙄🙄🙄

  5. I do not for one God damn second believe that there is or ever was a Sars-COV2 (Covid-19). It is a complete and total fabrication so that they could enslave the human race and force you to take this Gene Therapy (Vaccine).
    If you have already taken this vaccine (Gene Therapy) you have divorced yourself from God and you are now a play thing of the Devil and he never cared about the human race he has always seeked to usurp God and to destroy his creation.


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