1. HI Scott,
    As fast as we place anti Government or Medical Videos are deleted within 12 minutes.
    I can assure you there is a plan to take back our country with or without force.
    The date is 2022. So we really hope and trust that they do Lock us down as it will help us greatly in achieving what we have planned.
    Communication systems will be removed completely for at least 3 months, while we retake and reshape what was legally our country since 137A.D.
    We have proof of the year 1401 when the Harbour building in Port Elizabeth was inaugurated by Sir Searl.
    This is countless proofs we have of buildings older than the year 1337 which is 137A.D.
    1000 Years of HIstory has been purposely hidden during these last 350 years and more so since the last re-set 1750s.
    The USA has buildings even older than those in Europe which is known as mud flooded TARTARIAN structures.
    Thousands of images exist of these structures and past history documentation now available.

    So Scott, we really no longer care about this NEW WORLD ORDER BS. It will not stop unless we stop it with force. WE KNOW GOD DOES NOT SLEEP!

    We have friends with the same mindset Worldwide, who will gladly assist us as they stated they will, and then they can settle here in a free democratic new country. Southern Republic -Zuider Republiek.
    It is no longer a dream but a fact of reality, and we do need these Dumb Asses, to continue using the Lockdown BS, as it is required to continue angering our Boere and friends into action.
    Just think. NO COMMUNICATION due to most if not all GPS and Cell towers being taken or removed? Media not being able to sustain their paid Propaganda of the NEW WORLD ORDER.
    Take it down World Wide and we automatically prevent the next Plasma RE-SET discharge upwards (EXTREME LIGHTNING) due to metallic structures and cables.
    Is it even possible?
    Well, dear friend wait and see.
    The Black ANC Government have been warned to stop their demands and actions for an African United Africa from Kairo to Cape Town. but to no avail.

    Now it is up to the 8% who will form the new country with the help of more than enough friends World Wide who are also GAT VOL of this BS NEW WORLD ORDER VIRUS PLANDEMIC and take over, and who will be welcome to come to the new country.
    We will go to War to sustain our right to life as Europeans in our legally owned country, before 2022.
    WE HAVE PROOF OF OUR RIGHTS. They do not have rights to this country which they invaded since 1847. There are no Black Race Ancestral Graves until late after 1847 in South Africa.

    Thanks as usual for your more than valuable Media information.
    Kind regards.
    Andrew Botha

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