1. PW Botha was onto it , he did say that if the blacks ever came to power in SA, chaos would ensue , and heres another example , rioting ,burning ,looting , total chaos. Lets round up all the white liberal lefties in the west and send them to SA and Zim to personally get a taste of the utopia they vowed would occur when the blacks assumed power, as for Malema and his EWC lunacy , likening that idiot to a baboon would be doing baboons a diservice, after all baboons would’nt deliberately destroy the fig trees etc which they feed upon.

  2. JM soek kak en hy gaan dit kry. Mark my words. Hy en sy gespuis ken ons BOERE maar bitter sleg. Hy het nognie ‘n BOER gesien wat sy moer gestrip het nie.
    We will get a “fig tree” legal army here tjop-tjop if the SHTF – and you know who I referring to if I speak of a fig tree.
    I just pray that they stop this stupid silly idea to take land and property without paying for it.
    This will not end well for all South Africans. If they can’t see the economic disaster behind such an action then I feel very sorry for them.

  3. Can you imagine the corrupt ANC or EFF ” worthies ” being custodians of anything ? ( besides corruption , fraud , violence , decay etc.. )

  4. this is what happens when people who should be working in kitchens and gardens try running a country

  5. he is talking the language of his father the devil, full of hatred , malice, and lies. Such as these will never understand the truth, in fact they reject the truth.We need to resist this dung with all our might.

  6. looks like washington d.c. to me. are you sure this is S.A.? one “black” here said if we want it we will take it. frog legs anyone?


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