1. It’s just so heartbreaking. That first woman is so beautiful and that child is so calm and angelic.

    I know the bible says not to wish ill on others, but I DEMAND death upon Fauci and everyone who is complicit in endorsing the vaccine.

  2. Any medicine has possible side effects; some pretty serious – but of extreme low probability. Yet we take it. One can’t really evaluate the authenticity of these videos. We don’t know the background, or of any comorbidities, or if in fact these conditions were as a result of the vac. Even if true – if these are one in a million occurrences is that justification not to take the vacs. If you 60+ what are the chances of dying from Covid vis-a-vis the risks with the vac? This video would have more value if the author obtained opposing views from credible sources.

  3. but why allow your 13-year-old child to be a trail number—- madness,,,,,,

  4. I’ve just had a dose of the good old flu.A couple of days and I’m better. Had I had covid neurosis I would have rushed off to hospital where they certainly would have diagnosed me with covid.

  5. @ Mark Garnett:
    I totally agree. Please God help us and take control


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