1. There is NOTHING about our highest principles in a war. There are the profiteers that manufacture arms that kill people and the greedy that want to increase their tax/theft base and CONTROL over people aka their increase in slaves.

    There are no sides to be taken EVER in a war which is destruction

    There is no “collateral damage”. It is murder.

  2. Ezekial 38 indicates that Russia ( Magog) headed by a Russian leader ( Gog), will head up a massive army that will come against Israel. Something will draw the Russian leader to attack and no country will come to Israel’s aid. Only then will Russia and all its allies be defeated. Israel will take a hard knock but will remain. It’s going to get ugly. Whether Putin is Gog is debatable because nobody knows exactly when these things will transpire. We watch Turkey, Iran Syria and of course Damascus within that region. That area will be destroyed quickly. To quote a line from the movie 2012, ” When a government says don’t worry, you run”.

  3. Scott your internet is being slowed down. There are long buffering periods between short passages of speech.

  4. ………………………….I hope that NATO love their children too .

  5. @ James Evert:
    Hi James, please take a look at this video below. This will explain why Russia is the land of Magog, and also shows the differences between the Gog of Magog and Armageddon wars. It also shows where Antichrist will come from. All using bible prophecy. This pastor is very well versed in bible prophecy and will explain for you really well.

    Gog Of Magog Prepares Anti-Christ Revealing – https://youtu.be/3mGuzbBRmj8

  6. @ james evert. There are quite a few biblically sound biblical teachers one can connect with. It’s also good to listen to more than one perspective. Despite being hugely interesting, eschatology, as with other Christian practices such as baptism and the many topics being debated, sometimes heatedly so and causing unnecessary problems within the body of Christ, cannot save a single soul. The only way to salvation is to acknowledge our sin, repent and turn to Christ knowing that Jesus Christ died a horrific death for each and every human being. He took our punishment upon Himself so that in Him and through Him we can be reconciled with our Creator, the Father. To believe that Jesus rose from the dead on the 3rd day, ascended into heaven and is seated on the right hand of the Father and He will return to this planet again. The first time He came as the spotless and blameless sacrificial lamb. The next time He will come as the Lion of Judah. The judge of all humanity. So as I mentioned at the beginning of this message, read up and study the sermons by sound biblical teachers always bearing in mind that we do so with our own bibles open. We don’t ever just accept a man’s word but are called to study the Word ourselves. We are invited by the Saviour to have a relationship with Him. He is not a tradition neither a religion. We walk in faith and as Jesus Christ said, His sheep will know His voice.

  7. @ james evert. Isaiah 53 is but one prophecy that proves to humanity that the Father knows what was what is and what will be because He is outside of time. There are many prophecies that came to pass exactly as the Bible said. The Word of God is 100% accurate, unchanging and sure. You can count on the Lord. He never lies. Listen to Dan Berrimans Sunday sermon. His study of Revelation will be a huge blessing.


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