1. they sitting with a big problem, when thy let him stay its a problem,if they cancel his visa another problem,thy sitting in two worlds,, and Rio Pinto has shares in Sibanye Still Waters Gold Mines Westonaria or other way around,cant remember now, Derick Hannekom whos ceo of Kloof Gold mine, Westonaria

  2. They should never have given him the visa. Fact is Djokovic lied on his application and that is a transgression of Aus law. He is responsible even if it was his team that made the ‘mistake’ (same as Johnny Depp whose wife made the mistake). He should be treated the same as every other person and he should abide by the laws of the country. He is being investigated by both Serbia and Spain for not isolating when he had covid (if he had it). Ausies were forced not to even visit parents and children who were dying for months and now even cannot travel with out being vaxed. Why are celebrities always treated as if they are better than the rest of us? God made them same as us!!
    The government has already ruined Aus reputation. If I was Hawke I would give him a choice – stay and play but you give all the money you receive to Australian charity and be banned for 1 year…. OR get out now and be banned for 3 years!!
    Also, fine the Tennis Authority that provided the wrong information for the medical exemption!

  3. Politics is one of the sickest games in the world and politicians are amongst the sickest phsycopaths

  4. So is the Australian Prime Minister ‘the Swamp’, albeit a kindy school, junior member of BIS banker Jacob Rothschild’s swamp and as such, is expendable once he has passed his usefulness to these Frankist swamp creatures.


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