1. But you gotta be careful of the Delta Variant i keep hearing from people, the idiots. They refuse to believe in God who formed them in their mothers wombs, yet are willing to swallow and believe every bit of fake garbage spewed out by obvious liars and conmen. And as for most churched folk { 90 % at least} , im shaking my head in wonder at their lack of spiritual discernment and lack of knowledge.

  2. Never be stressed by those that seem rich and powerful. Their value is fake. Their money is fake and based on play play paper. Their worth is fake and pumped up by their fake money they pay fake media and those that live fake lives.

    NO is a very powerful word when dealing with those that have lost their connection to God. Use it.

  3. NO worked for me when:
    someone held a knife to my throat and I repeated how dare you until he ran away
    someone tried to steal my boat from me and I told him NO
    someone naked jumped into my bed about 3am in the morning

    DO NOT FEAR has always been the message of angels. God is with us all. Some have refused to listen to their conscience. Gods power just is. Always. And will be. It is TOTAL power. Stay with God.

  4. God has shown me so much that never came from anyone else but from God to me. Healing of others beyond what science can comprehend. The POWER of GOD is. Stay true to the Highest Principles!

  5. I don’t shake hands anymore as spike proteins can transfer through skin contact from vaccinated people to the unvaccinated. I salute those that refuse the death jab. “Vaccinated” people are a health hazard. I was always the naughty kid in the Rothchild educational system so their insinuations don’t bother me at all.

  6. Thanks uncle Scott. Yes its so true, My wife’s uncle had just passed away early this morning. He was so healthy and fit he did the Argus cycle tour each year and ended up with what they call sepsis??? The vaccine destroyed his blood and all of his organs. Blood clots first, blood poisoning and organ failure followed. PLEASE ALL HUMANS BE WARNED

  7. Maybe it is time to shame the drug pushers…What tests are used now to test ‘Positive’ since the pcr test was declared faulty? All the new cases (that is corona virus like flu, not covid yet) are then faulty when ‘confirmed’ via PCR testing and a lie?
    We need honest full statistics if they DARE to publish it. By avoiding publishing the full list of deaths PER DISEASE weekly, it means they are hiding the truth that the common flu and pneumonia deaths were replaced with a new label called covid.
    It is such a simple exercise for them comparing all the data of the LAST 5 YEARS.
    Those that control the STATISTICS CONTROL THE NARRATIVE and the msm’s manipulated lies.
    By not doing this, they are blatantly showing their treasonous scam. To fight this scam we must PUSH for FULL DISCLOSURE.

  8. @ Frank Campher:
    Which poison brand was injected and when,…..2shots?

  9. Here in the UK 80% of the population have had the vaccine!
    I am expecting to lose my job within the next two months due to the Vaccine Passport!
    I am expecting to be put in a corner by my so called friends and demonised and called a criminal because I refuse to take the vaccine.
    People that have been vaccinated have 2 to 5 years to live.
    I am expecting the whole of the UK to be in another lockdown before December and the UK will have to wear a mask again.

    If you can remember that we were taught in Rhodesia and South Africa that a communist always means the opposite of what he is saying. It’s clever tactic to through you off track.
    Don’t you ever underestimate a communist “EVER!”

  10. Maybe you saw the news from Canada yesterday.. the court there gave judgement that the covid virus DOES NOT EXIST and all around it then is a scam and a hacker in Russia shows that all the data and gene therapy ‘attachments’ appears on an app of Bill gates GIVING ALL THE LIVING INFORMATION ON YOUR BODY WITH LOCATION AND ALL for those that gave their bodies as guinea pigs to be marked with the mark of the beast. The ‘vaccinated’ (marked) are now owned by Bill showing their id related to their dna and the altered dna will give him the patent rights on your body and he can prove it. If they can detect your data then they can redirect instructions to your body that may include messages to terminate your existence……from cell phone towers or remotely from space or from an underground bunker. It is now also A REMOTE KILLER ‘VACCINE’…or call it what it is…a bio-weapon.

  11. sirme williams wrote:

    @ Frank Campher:
    Which poison brand was injected and when,…..2shots?

    It is un clear to me at the moment im sorry that side of the family is like big tech they are micro censoring at the moment

  12. If People that have taken this mRNA Gene Therapy they have between 2-3 years to live!
    If this is so, then how many people on the Earth have taken this JAB?
    2,000,000,000 (2 Billion) maybe 3,000,000,000 (3 Billion)? Please do the maths.
    Divide those figure’s by.
    2 Years = 24 Months.
    3 Years = 36 Months.
    5 Years = 60 Months.
    Now divide that by 30 (30 days in a month).

    Now who is going to bury all these people?

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