1. I don’t necessarily have a problem with psychotic leaders
    It’s the masses that have signed up for the mass formation psychosis and enable these leaders to carry out their absurdities that I am scared of

  2. Empty restaurants. Hmm. Makes one think that the vax stats are bullshit.Never trust MSM.

  3. Saved myself quite a bit of money having to give restaurants a miss. Home cooking gets more and more interesting. I feel sorry for owners of restaurants.

  4. This Anastacia Pale Sick is a real psyco clown. Ooh her neck is really going to stretch when they hang her

  5. Dr. John Gerrard looks like a bald headed puppet. Someone should cut his strings

  6. This heath guy would look good in jail,he has a face for jail,what a scam artist.

  7. This is the product of mandates not covid you havent got enough staff ,even your hospitals are disgusting with feaces lying on the floors.

  8. @ Jaguar:
    The bald headed ones are mostly those who have undergone a ritual of a shamanic type, selling their souls to the devil in the process, initiated into the imperial death cult of the commonwealth of which London is the head of this cobra. Wonder what they have in store for them Britons, war with Russia maybe?


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