1. DECADENT SAVAGES! MAY THEY ROT IN HELL FOR ETERNINTY!👹🤬 All that extravagance and money would have come from this Java devil’s poor, beleaguered parishioners, who barely have enough money to scrape together to buy food. It’s time that South African blacks turned on their own masters and brought then down! And that applies to the ANC and the EFF as well, ’cause they also throw these outrageously expensive junkets at taxpayers’ expense.

    Interesting to see those two morons still eating with their black fingers – the veneer of civilisation on modern Africans is very, very thin.

  2. These savages remind me of the gremlins. A savage in silk is a savage no less.

  3. Its interesting that the unchurched can see the Javas for what they really are, yet his faithful church members and attendees are blind to this conman, and keep giving their loot to him no doubt in expectation of a large windfall for sowing into the kingdom, except they aint, they are just making a greedy conman richer. The covid scamdemic has highlighted the lack of spiritual discernment in the modern church, churches are run like businesses , often paying several salaries to its pastors and staff and the focus is on money but not God.

  4. but the children of south africa starve in shacks with no education, millions of them. that money could have built class rooms or some rural school buses second hand easy. anc are low life terrorists. looks like communist drink parties paid by tax from poor workers

  5. but surely no restaurant keeps 100 and plus bottles of bubbly in stock,so I surmise it was all planned before and pre-ordered,

  6. Africa will forever be lost if africans choose such leaders …. it’s up to them if they want a better life … unfortunately the rest of us have suffer too ….crazy crazy crazy

  7. The luxury of the noveaux rich is an ultrage to the poor but, unfortunately, the poor deserve it because they elect and sponsor those who ruled them. THat’s not only Africa but other continents as well suffer from the same atavistic behavior even though, is not so ostensibly outrageous since poverty is not so extensive and deep

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