1. I loved listening to your story. It reminded me of late nights sitting around a braai (BBQ) pre 1994, but the only things missing are the many people, the alcohol and being outside. I still buy Simba chips so I was happy listening to your story.

    I agree totally with that guy when he said this country will never get anywhere with the way the ANC thinks.


  2. The BEE mentality is actually quite brilliant and works like this: When there is a comparatively small amount of money to be spent, which will result in significantly larger financial rewards, they WILL NOT spend the money and WILL NOT make the investment. The result is a snow ball effect of financial and business losses in which opportunities are lost and the business progress will regress many steps backwards. At this stage they will blame everyone for the disaster except themselves and will take no accountability for their terrible decision. It now becomes critical that the business enterprise be taken over by a non cadre, non crony, non kakistocracy candidate, non looting, non polygamist, non kleptomaniac (list is not exhaustive) otherwise the process WILL be repeated until the business is regressed to a state of long grass, lots of weeds, missing roofs, lots of children from different wives sitting around doing nothing and so on and so forth. It’s simply brilliant!

  3. Thanks Scott…story had me in stitches. Unfortunately we are living with the reality that power, greed, cadres and BEE will continue to destroy the economy of this beautiful country until there is nothing left. So tired of hearing “this is what we inherited from apartheid ” …there’s a good example with Medupi power station. A R135bil over budget creation by the ANC and shortly after implementation…incompetence results in part of it blowing up…totally created and destroyed by the ANC!!! Well done…destroyed all by themselves with no help from the apartheid government! Guess who will foot the bill for this total incompetence….Piet Pompies on the ground. 😡

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