1. PW Botha and Ian Smith knew how the blacks would treat the whites if so called full democracy came to these countries, the liberal whites in Southern Africa and overseas were and are living in cloud cuckoo land.

  2. I am so disappointed by the scared white population for not standing together. What about the 90% black population that are, as you have said Scott, are “good”? Where are they? Do they not know that without farmers there is no food, except Bill Gates lab produced meat? Can they not see what has happened in Zimbabwe?

    I think the majority of black people prefer experience over knowledge.
    And if that is the case then why are they hesitant about vaccines?

  3. All the COMMUNITY SAFETY STRUCTURES in Piet Retief issued a joint request for people NOT TO GO TO PIET RETIEF, as part of their larger Emergency Response Plan for this event, which was already due to happen on Monday and then postponed to today. PS! I received that Communication Message too Sunday evening (as part of my Town’s Community Safety Structures).

    That Joint Communication was sent far and wide… so before you judge, this stay-away was planned by the white people… for good measure.

    The Legal Teams of the Accused and their families requested that they did not need outside influences and suported the stay-away.

    Yet the people inside Piet Retief was active and properly organised… there was a JOC (Joint Operational Command Centre)… fully manned.
    There was proper Communication structures.
    There was All sorts of backup options…
    There was a full Command and Control Structure.
    There were many, many Ex Policemen, current Policemen all ready to rock and roll.
    The Communication channels between the Community Safety structures and the Police itself was solid…
    There was a plethera of special Police Reaction Units sent to Piet Retief.

    So, actually a hell of a lot was achieved… think about it!

    It is not just pitch and skiet and donner, people.

    So, no confrontation and undue publicity for the EFF, putting water over all their aspirations for this event.

    We must ALWAYS play this and similar incidents with the head and this is exactly what happened here.

    Petrus is a GROOTBEK who will ultimately achieve NOTHING… Ramaphosa won’t even speak to him in person, watch my words!

  4. Thanks for the new info Rudi…I was starting to think people didn’t care…😘😘😘

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