1. Cannot help noticing the increase in ambulance call outs in my city of about 80 thousand here in NZ and this has to be due to the fake vaccines without a doubt, im often out and about walking dogs and on my bicycle, and its clear to me that theres a big increase in people having health issues, About half NZers are vaxxed unfortunately but nothing like 95% claimed by the govt , which is just propaganda.

  2. I don’t trust any vaccines anymore. The flu shot could possibly be laced with graphene oxide and other substances that kill. As for faggotpox ,let it do its job.

  3. The very reason eua for the rtPCR assay was revoked mid-2021, the assay did not identify cov from the flu (or any other virus i.e. biological contaminant).

    The flu shot has been associated with degenerative neurological disease, what else?

  4. I just love that thumbnail for the video, does anyone have a link to it maybe ? 😀

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