1. These bastards must be tried and killed. They are guilty of mass extermination of the human race. This applies to politicians, doctors, nurses, police, the

    media, university professors and everyone who promotes this narrative.

  2. Supposed ‘clever’ people with a whole lotta letters behind their names sprout this nonsense. I think that wisdom accounts for a whole lot more! It’s infuriating to listen to these ‘fruit loops’ and ‘numbskulls’😉

    My good friend, whom I begged not to take the jab, now has heart problems and had to have a procedure yesterday😪

    The only thing I can do, is to earnestly pray for those who took this poison out of total ignorance. This whole scenario is causing a lot of division as we know. Now we, the unjabbed have to be afraid of being near to the jabbed – what a sad state of affairs!

  3. I think, for most of us South Africans, this is the final straw! I have just watched the latest video from Schalk vd Merwe on how the lady was stopped on the N12, 500crossings and was asked for proof of vaccination then they wanted to jab her and her family. This is blood-boiling!!

  4. We need to start raising funds for transport for protests. It will be nice to see 1000’s protesting at Wits. I am certain Wits professors, scientists and doctors will refuse to debate us.

  5. Hi, ek is Amelia… ek is een van Rudi Geldenhuys se groot tjomme!!

    Hy is DIE BESTE!!


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