1. I am afraid that they will carry on doing this unless they are stopped by force

  2. Scott, in a world full of troubles, especially here in South Africa, how are we supposed to spare concern for people who voted for Jacinda Ardern and gave her all this power?

  3. Hi Scott , If what Philippe said is true about shedding, then apartheid must be brought back and those who have had the jab MUST be separated from those who have not due to cross contamination . Remember the example he gave of the blood slide of a young girl of 8 years old whose blood is destroyed because one or both parents were jabbed. The jabbed must be quarantined . They are , I pray Im wrong , going to die in the next few years.
    If the unjabbed lose all help by being denied assistance ( social ) , entry , jobs , and are cast out onto the streets as second class citizens while the jabbed are quarantined , then there will be a massive empty void , to be filled by who ? The Chinese ?
    If the unjabbed get locked up instead of the jabbed ( who will die out ) , then the cities and towns will be empty and the unjabbed locked up in those housing camps. I think that will be the case because you dont build such houses for an emergency situation where thousands are dying . It is more for the unjabbed to reside until the government decides what to do with them. Perhaps keep them locked up in perpetuity while having sold the country to another power, after all , Australia is a corporation and is listed as such on the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Thus the people born there have to reclaim their birth rights because they went along with it not knowing that they are slaves to the registered corporation. Please follow Justinian Deception on Youtube to get an idea of what I am talking about if you havent yet.

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