1. This vaccine business has confirmed to me that most medical Doctors have no real concern for their patients, the job for them is just a salary, and that is why they are not fighting tooth and nail against this death jab.

  2. I have been a part of, and witness to many “miracles. These are just God’s way of naturally healing a wrong diagnosis. When knowing how God creates and does to correct misconceptions, a woman that I helped with healing, had her spine straightened after 2 vertebrae were destroyed after being shot. This was about 25 years after this happened to her. She previously had to drag her body around by leaning on walls.

    This is a much more detailed event but after 3 days, her spine was straight (proven with X-rays), her legs were the same length and she was just as God had created her to be. Strong and healthy.

    Not one doctor asked me afterwards how this was possible and how they could do the same.

  3. What concerns me is that vaccinated people are contagious for 72 hours after they have jab and will infect other s it’s a biological weapon really very scary to say the least And such sinful that the Govt don’t care one ioata about it’s people The ones who care as the like off me are on our own That’s why we need to stand up for the truth God Bless Terry

  4. We assume the vaccine is experimental but quite possibly it was proven long ago by bio warfare scientists to be a killer. I believe very little of what MSM tells us but I do join the dots.

  5. I just got a letter 2 days ago from the Minister of health here in Holland , inviting me to go for my jab. I didnt even open the letter . Just threw it straight into the bin . I have no death wish .

  6. I for one will never trust Doctors again in my life.

    I will never trust Governments ever again.
    I will never trust the Police/Military either.


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