1. Scott this is a serious message I hope our people wake up and resist against this new world order. People please do not take this jab. There is no need to pray about this jab just do not take it.

  2. Hi Scott. This information is VERY important, thank you. You know something? Now, putting 2 and 2 together the NEW CITY 🏙️ is probably part of their plan. I have also just realized something Else? We we’re all wondering why the Government was digging the ONE MILLION GRAVES? Now we can see 🙈 why??. It’s all coming together, it JUST makes sense.

  3. i don’t understand how people still want to pray and ask Gods guidance in getting or not getting the jab,, God has nothing to do with it, just use your logic,, you are injecting yourself with a jab of the devil.. God will not tell you to get the jab,, He’s given you a immune system to fight it,

  4. i sent Scott Monday a link to that Hauwei is busy looking at 6g already for the year 2032 i think,, its all in the bible people,, except Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour,, this is the only way to escape this pandemic, He died for the forgiveness of our sins on the cross, His blood was shed for us,

  5. Hi Scott, thank you for this video. However when trying to share this video I followed the prompts to download. Although the video download in its entirety on my phone but when I share it on WhatsApp it only shares the first 2min51sec of the video. I’ve tried sharing on different platforms and it remains the same. The only thing I can do now is to share the link for people to watch. This appears very odd to me. Without a doubt what you have shared could be 100% truth then. I cannot help to assume otherwise. Thanks to you and your team for a job well done.

  6. They are all commiting genocide against humanity. I cannot wait for the trials to take place. They are going against The Constitution, The International

    Covenant On Civil And Political Rights Treaty, The Nuremberg Code Of Informed Consent, The Declaration Of Helsinki, The Findings Of The International

    Criminal Court Of The Hague, The Right Of Informed Consent As Protected By National And International Law, The Universal Declaration On Bioethics And

    Human Rights Article 6, The Code Of Federal Regulations Title 21, The Geneva Convention IV 1949 Article 32.

    I hope all the Bastards are charged under these


  7. @Cheryl Kruger…..Cheryl Whatsapp only allows a certain size of video. Best to share the link

  8. The trials of chips has been ongoing and used in Sweden for some years already. It will all come to a head eventually. The virus is the mechanism used to trial the behaviour of mankind for the eventual implementation.
    Resistance is futile.

  9. @ Shalom7:
    The antichrist has been in the world since the fall of the restrainer which was the Caesars of the Great Roman Empire, after that came the papacy which is the antichrist. This future antichrist and 7 year tribulation is false papacy jesuit teachings.

    The 70 weeks of Daniel was fulfilled by Jesus Christ. In the midst of the week He will be cut off, but not for himself (Jesus Christ crucified) and the end of the 70th week is the stoning of Stephen

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