1. Thousands lining up here in NZ for their Booster shots. And loving it !!🤣

  2. It is the booster shots that mess up your immune system further. Just stop poisoning yourself. Jesus would never use the vaccine. These evil men and women in power will make you believe the vaccine saves. Jesus is the only Saviour. The vaccine does not save lives. There is no covid. There is no long or short covid. What a bunch of poppycock. These evil men and women in the hospitals were killing their own patients on ventilator machines and giving them a lethal dose of drugs, because those deceived patients thought they had covid. There is no covid. They were killing the people in hospitals!

  3. “The vaxxed now dependent on booster shots”, can also be a case of brainwashing, where the victims can simply refuse booster shots. Only if it is connected to the slave maker vax passport, can it be of any benefit to the victims. The Nuremberg code allows participants in experimental drugs, to withdraw from the experiment at ANY time.

  4. Maybe the spelling of ‘vaxed’ can also follow the amount of shots guinea pigs had…..the first shot= ‘vaxed’, the second shot= ‘vaxxed’, the third booster shot = vaxxxed, etc. It was stated by an expert that 14 shots are lined up for Australians before they will become extinct…..they will be the ‘ vaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxed’.

  5. I believe in freedom and I believe you must also live with those consequences based on the good or crap choices you made.

    Nothing wrong with people shooting it in their veins or not.

    This BIG red fag to me is when these muppet stooge moron sheep think I’m like them and they try to convince me it’s the right thing to do.

    I then kind of rip them to shreds with knowledge in a nice way.

    It’s not difficult at all because 99% of them are already showing all the signs of major negative health issues specially those poor retards on their 2nd or 3rd dose.

    I stopped feeling sorry for them long ago I now only pray for them these days.


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